The Shift towards Digital - Digital Nugget #1

How tied are you to your digital devices? Well, if you're an average American, chances are you answered somewhere between "pretty tied" to "OMG I can't live without it!"

Over the last 5 years, digital technology has overtaken our everyday lives - from how we communicate to how we consume media. So much so, that back in 2013 the average American began spending more time with digital devices per day than with TV and Print combined.

Average Time Spent per Day with Major Media by US Adults in 2013

Source: eMarketer

As can be expected, companies looking to connect with consumers have shifted towards digital marketing at a staggering rate because that's where their prospects, customers and donors are spending the most time. As the universe of heavy digital consumers grow, so will the amount being spent on digital marketing.

This year digital marketing will account for 31% of all marketing spend in America. By 2018, digital will completely overtake TV as the largest marketing medium in terms of spending.

US Total Media Ad Spending Share by Media, 2013-2018


While we will dive into the factors that are causing this shift over the course of this Digital Nugget series, one thing is definitely for certain: digital is becoming a necessity for all companies and all marketers.

About the Digital Nugget Series:

Digital Marketing is a growing, constantly evolving area. For marketers trying to keep up with the latest trends, it can be exhausting!

LiftEngine's bi-weekly Digital Nugget, published every other Monday, is a series of articles that will educate and shed light on the Digital Marketing world and when a fit exists, relate it is back to direct marketing. The series will start with the very basics of digital - popular acronyms, channels, terms and strategies - and progress to the latest and greatest trends.

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