Digital Video "Rising Star" - Digital Nugget #18

Welcome back to the Digital Nugget! Today, we finish our discussion of digital ad types with a conversation about the ads that the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has deemed the “Rising Stars” of the Digital Video category.

To find out more about what a “Rising Star” is, please see our first Digital Nuggets post on the subject, or go to the IAB’s Rising Stars webpage


This ad type is separated into two parts: the beginning of the video, which plays automatically, and the second part of the video, which does not. After watching the beginning of the video, visitors are encouraged with links and buttons to extend their viewing and watch the end of the video. This video ad types works best if the beginning of the video is attention-grabbing, whereas the end contains more information about what is being advertised.

Full Screen/Player

Appropriately named, the Full Screen video ad type takes up an entire screen. This provides advertisers with plenty of real estate, making it the perfect ad type for rich-quality video and interactive content, such as games.

Ad Control Bar

The Ad Control Bar ad type is another digital video ad type perfect for incorporating interactive content. Ads of this type will feature videos that play automatically; at the bottom of these videos, there will be control bars, with buttons showing different interactive features. For example, in the case of the ad in the video below, the ad control bar features buttons for social media, more video clips, and a store locator.


This type is a perfect two-in-one advertisement: a rich content ad overlaying a video ad. What is shown in the rich content ad is perfectly synced with what is shown in the video ad. For example, this ad type would be perfect for a clothing retailer, who can use the rich content ad to highlight the different pieces being worn in the video ad as those pieces are being shown.

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