Reach Those Looking to Buy Father's Day Gifts on Facebook

US Consumers spent an estimated $15 billion on Father's Day in 2017. Leverage LiftEngine's Facebook and Audience Amplify solutions to reach those women looking to buy the special Dad in their life the perfect gift.

These audiences are perfect for a ‘best gift ideas’ campaign:

•    Current Customers: Help wives find the perfect gift for their husbands.  We’ll onboard your female buyers and identify those who are married with children.  
•    Current Customers: Help the men on your housefile identify and share what they want with their significant others.
•    Prospects: Using your current male buyers, we’ll build a model to identify likely buyers and target the wives of these men to boost your prospect audience. 

To find out more about how we can help you lift your Father's Day sales, contact your Account Executive at LiftEngine or fill out this form and we’ll be in touch.