By combining their catalog mailing with ADvantage, this clothing retailer boosted response by over 29%.

Key Results

Lift Over Direct Mail Only
Increase in Average Order Value

Goal: Acquire New Customers and Build Brand Awareness

A fast-growing, millenial-focused clothing retailer was looking to expand their online presence. In the past, they acquired new customers through catalog mailings; however, these are expensive and only hit a single touch point. To reach new customers and advertise their recent spring line, the retailer wanted to integrate their mailings with digital ads. It was also especially important that the responses to these digital ads could be tracked to measure success, so the client knew that they were spending their marketing dollars efficiently.

Solution: ADvantage for Facebook and Instagram

ADvantage for Facebook and Instagram was the best way for this retailer to meet these goals. We first onboarded the retailer’s catalog recipients and match them by name and mailing address. From there, we served only those exact audience members Facebook and Instagram ads timed around the mailing date of the catalog.

After the campaign concluded, we performed a response analysis to gauge the true impact of how those who receive a Facebook and catalog responded versus a control group who only received a catalog.

Solutions Used

  • ADvantage
  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Response Analysis

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