Goal: Increase ROI

Our high-end, eco-friendly furniture client wanted to acquire new customers for their growing online business. The client's past acquisition methods included a combination of mailing catalogs to qualified individuals and serving cookie-based digital ads. Experiencing a plateau in the impact of their digital advertisements, the client was looking for other options to keep their digital presence while boosting response and ROI.

Solutions: Advantage for Facebook

ADvantage for Facebook was the perfect fit for this client for a multitude of reasons. ADvantage was a smooth integration with their already-established mailings, complimenting their catalogs much more than their legacy digital ads. As the catalogs were sent out to prospects, we took their mailing list, matched those individuals to their Facebook profiles, and served ads to only those individuals a couple of weeks before and after the in-home delivery date. This level of targeting was far superior than other cookie-based campaigns, garnering a click-through rate that was seven times higher than the average cookie-based campaigns of retail companies, according to Google's Rich Media Gallery.

After the completion of the campaign, a digital matchback was performed to gauge how the new addition of Facebook to the marketing mix impacted the campaign.


Lift Over Direct Mail Only
Click Through Rate Over Industry Standard

Solutions Used

ADvantage for Facebook

Multi-Channel Marketing

Digital Matchback

Campaign Details

Ad Type(s): Carousel Ads
Placement(s): Desktop News Feed,
Mobile News Feed
Length of Campaign: 30 Days

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