Goal: Acquire New Members

A not-for-profit membership organization wanted to acquire new members across a specific region for their flagship program. After dipping their toes in digital marketing before, this client knew that in order to be successful in this channel they would need to be precise with their targeting and analytics.

Solutions: Acquisition Model and ADvantage for Facebook

ADvantage for Facebook intrigued this Membership Organization because they could apply direct marketing strategies on a digital scale. We started with a custom predictive data model to identify the consumers that are most likely to respond. Once identified, we onboarded their names and mailing addresses to Facebook, and served ads to only those identified consumers who had a Facebook profile. When the campaign concluded, we performed a digital matchback to gauge how the campaign and the data model performed.


Response Rate of the Reached Audience
Unique Click-Through Rate (uCTR)

Solutions Used

ADvantage for Facebook

Acquisition Models

Digital Matchback

Campaign Details

Ad Type(s): Single Image,
Placement(s): Desktop News Feed,
Mobile News Feed,
Right Rail
Length of Campaign: 30 Days

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