By integrating ADvantage for Facebook with direct mail, this regional publisher lifted response by 90%.

Key Results

Lift in Response Rate Over Direct Mail Alone
Increase in Return On Investment
ADvantage’s appeal is the ability to target the exact prospects in our postal campaigns by name and mailing address on a huge digital platform like Facebook.
— Consumer Marketing Director

Goal: Improving R.O.A.S.

A regional, cultural publisher with two-million monthly readers wanted to acquire more subscribers for their flagship title. Traditionally, new subscribers were acquired via direct mail and email. Due to diminishing R.O.I., rising postage costs, and plateauing email response, the publisher was in need of another channel to seamlessly integrate into their current marketing strategy to help support their existing channels.

Solution: ADvantage For Facebook

This regional publisher was drawn to ADvantage for Facebook for two reasons. First, ADvantage gave them the option to match the individuals receiving their direct mail piece to their Facebook profiles by name and mailing address. Once matched, Facebook ads would only be served to these individuals, making the coordination between direct mail and Facebook seamless. Second, since we knew who was on the mailing list, we could accurately perform a response analysis to measure Facebook’s contribution to the overall campaign.

The resulting campaign combined the pinpoint targeting and measurability of direct marketing with the scale and reach of digital marketing.

Solutions Used

  • ADvantage
  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Response Analysis

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