High-End Travel

By serving Facebook Ads to only their direct mail audience, this travel client saw a 100% lift in vacation bookings.


Extend the life of a campaign and while creating additional touch-points.


  • Our High-End Travel client has an understandably lengthy customer acquisition process.
  • Potential vacation-goers partake in weeks of due diligence before making a decision.
  • Keeping the brand at the forefront during the decision making process is of utmost importance.
  • Prospects typically received a direct mail pieces, so the perfect solution seamlessly integrated into their existing marketing mix.

Solution: ADvantage for Facebook

  • ADvantage for Facebook provided this perfect solution
  • The¬†client’s prospect mailing file was matched by name and mailing address to Facebook.
  • Facebook ads were only served to these individuals before, during, and after the in-home date of the mail piece.
  • In theory, these addition touch-points would boost response.
  • When the campaign concluded, a response analysis was ran to pinpoint the impact Facebook had on the campaign.

Key Results


Lift in Bookings While the Ads Were Live


Lift in Bookings Overall