20 Billion Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Father’s Day Marketing Now

By Braden Salas

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Father’s Day is rapidly approaching and it could not be timelier to start organizing your marketing efforts! It has been predicted that Father’s day 2022 generated an estimated $20 billion in spending, so don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Whether it’s Special Outings, Clothing, or Gift Cards; there are multiple ways to commemorate Father’s Day. To help ensure the success of your Father’s Day marketing campaign, we’ve put together some interesting facts and statistics along with helpful tips and strategies in this blog post just for you!

Fathers Day Fun Facts

  1. Father’s Day was invented by Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd to honor her veteran father who raised 6 kids as a single father. The first celebration being June 19th, 1910.
  2. President Calvin Coolidge recognized the holiday in 1924 but wasn’t official until President Lyndon Johnson proclaimed the third Sunday of June as Father’s Day in 1966.
  3. The rose is the traditional flower for the holiday. A red rose signified a living father, while a white rose represents a deceased father.
  4. The top 3 gift categories are Greeting Cards, Clothing, and Special Outings.

Father’s Day Statistics

  1. Roughly 72 million fathers across the nation.
  2. 204,000 estimated stay-at-home dads in 2021
  3. The average spending for Father’s Day is roughly $171.79 per person in 2022. 

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Father’s Day Marketing Strategies

As Father’s Day quickly approaches, now is the time to begin formulating your marketing efforts. If you are looking to launch a direct mail campaign, be sure to start immediately. Any strategy you outline for direct mail can be easily adapted those efforts to digital (just ask us how).


This Father’s Day, show your customers how much you care by offering them exclusive discounts and offers on their purchases! Whether it’s for the special fathers in our lives or friends and family shopping for those who have been a father-figure to them, these promotions could make this day even more memorable. Make sure to be thoughtful when devising these special sales so that everyone can find something meaningful from your store!

To generate more revenue, developing a gift guide tailored to fathers and/or spouses is an excellent option. Consider your target audience’s needs and preferences when selecting products for the list – make sure you are presenting items that dads will truly appreciate on their special day!

Social Media Campaigns

This Father’s Day, show your appreciation in the digital realm with captivating social media campaigns! From videos and photos to graphics, design content that expresses how much you care. A hashtag campaign or a donation drive for charitable organizations aiding Fathers would be an excellent way to demonstrate gratitude. Furthermore, make sure to circulate your initiatives on all social networks so it reaches as many people as feasible. Not only is Social Media reach ideal for honoring fathers but also for promoting any discounts or events you may have prepared specifically for them.


Create Father’s Day ads that exude masculinity, family values and a strong sense of naturalism by incorporating the colors black, white, red, light & dark blue as well as browns and greens to add vibrancy. Don’t forget some yellows for extra pizzazz!

As you consider the colors for your Father’s Day campaign, don’t forget that advertising is a crucial part of staying on brand. Whether it be to retain customers, reactivate them or just spread awareness about your company, placing fathers at the heart of this initiative should always remain top priority. Take advantage now and create campaigns with Fathers in mind; from sales events to charity drives – no matter what type of promotions you choose – make sure Dad knows he counts!

If you want to show appreciation for Fatherly figures in your campaigns, don’t just limit yourself to biological fathers. Take into account other types of “fathers” who would surely appreciate the recognition as well! For instance, if you’re a pet-related product or service, target Pet Fathers too!

With LiftBase‘s audience segmentation capabilities and our help, it’ll be effortless for you to execute an ideal campaign that pays homage to all kinds of dads out there. Get in touch with us today so we can assist with making sure they are honored properly!


Events are a fantastic way to get people acquainted with your business and spread the word about what you do. Whether it’s hosting or sponsoring an event, attendees will be able to learn more about your company. To make Father’s Day extra special for everyone who attends, why not give out free magnets and gifts when fathers enter your store? You can also offer discounts on dads purchase that day! Showing appreciation for fathers in this way will leave them feeling appreciated while creating positive recognition of your brand. And if you’re a restaurant hosting brunch this Father’s Day – it’s guaranteed to draw in the crowds! 

If you lack the time or space to organize an event, why not join forces with another local business? If that’s not feasible for you, consider investing funds into advertising spots. 

Email Marketing

Father’s Day promotions can go the extra mile with email marketing. By crafting tailored emails that boast discounts and special offers for fathers, you are ensuring your customers know exactly what Father’s Day at your business has in store! Not only will this spread awareness of any events or sales being hosted by yourself, it is also a great way to show appreciation to those celebrating on this special day. 

Make your Father’s Day emails stand out by conveying the unique personality of your brand and connecting with your target audience. Not only can you alert customers to special deals, but also promote charitable giving or simply wish dads a happy day! Let your customers share the tales of their beloved fathers with you, and in return reward them for taking part—this will guarantee that each email is genuine, captivating, and relatable. Strategically segmenting customers enables you to tailor every email campaign so as to maximize engagement—with this approach, you’ll make sure that your emails shine brighter than all others! 

Begin planning your Father’s Day strategy today—the earlier the better! This ensures that all fathers are included and celebrated on this special day. If you need any assistance with setting up email campaigns for Father’s Day, our team at LiftEngine would be delighted to assist—contact us now! 

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Published on Mar. 02, 2023, Last Updated on Nov. 08, 2023