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Reach new movers as they make decisions about what products and services they will purchase in their new home.

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About the Data

Every year, roughly 15% of the US population picks up and moves to a new residence. For advertisers, this life change presents a ripe opportunity to present products or services when demand is highest.

Updated weekly, the LiftEngine New Movers Database combines over 18 highly vetted sources to capture 78% of all movers. Sourced from deed filings, change of address, utility connects, and financial transactions, all data goes through extensive review correction and deduplication across sources. Each record on file has a full standardized address, has gone through a move validation process, and has been enriched with demographic and transactional data.

Reaching New Movers at the right time can lead to long-term loyalty and significant lifetime value. Stay ahead of your competition with LiftEngine’s American New Movers file.


Over 1,000 demographic, lifestyle, and interest elements can be used for selection, including:

  • Previous & New Address
  • Move Date
  • Demographics/Lifestyle
  • Homeowners
  • Renters
  • Wealth Indicators
  • Email

Marketing Ideas

  • Reach new movers with an offer for home and decor-focused magazine, website, or subscription box.
  • Advertise your home decor, furnishings, renovations, and other home services to new movers.
  • Advertise your financial services, gym, and clubs that new movers will need to transition to.

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