American Pre-Movers

Reach pre-movers as they make decisions about what products and services they will purchase during and after their move.

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About the Data

Moving can be a very stressful time, and roughly 35 Million Americans move each year. Between searching for products and services to help with the move, and finding new local favorites once the move is complete, there is a unique opportunity to reach these prime targets before they even pack a box. Research proves that the timeframe to influence these purchasers is two months before the move and two months after the move.

Updated biweekly, the American Pre-Movers Database combines over 6 highly vetted sources to capture the majority of all individuals before they move. Sourced from Pending Sale and Under Contract listings, all data goes through extensive build protocols, validation, and hygiene. Each record on file has a full standardized address, enriched with demographic and transactional data for additional targeting.

Reaching these highly motivated Pre-Movers at the right time can lead to immediate sales if you can assist with the moving process, or set your brand up with long-term loyalty once they are settled in their new home. Stay ahead of your competition with LiftEngine’s American Pre-Movers file.


Over 1,000 demographic, lifestyle, and interest elements can be used for selection, including:

  • Current Address
  • Expected Move Date
  • Demographics/Lifestyle
  • Homeowners/Renters
  • Age Range (Head of Household)
  • Presence of Children
  • Wealth Indicators
  • Email

Marketing Ideas

  • Reach pre-movers with an offer for home and decor-focused magazine, website, or subscription box.
  • Advertise your moving & shipping services to help pre-movers transition into their new home.
  • Advertise your home decor, furnishings, renovations, and other home services to pre-movers.
  • Advertise your financial services, gym, and clubs that pre-movers will need to transition to.

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