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Reach new parents and growing families as they make decisions about what products and services they will purchase.

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About the Data

Every year, more than 3.6 million Americans are born, and 29% of those are a family’s first-born. For advertisers, this life-changing event presents an opportunity to promote their products and services to new parents and growing families.

Updated semi-monthly, LiftBase’s American BabyBase is the perfect marketing tool for advertisers targeting new parents and growing families. This database provides accurate, high-quality data that can be matched with 1,000+ elements including household demographics, transactional information, expected birth month and year, and gender.

Reaching parents of newborns at the right time can lead to long-term loyalty and significant lifetime value. Create targeted marketing campaigns for online and offline channels.


Over 1,000 demographic, lifestyle, and interest elements can be used for selection, including:

  • Due Date (Prenatal / Postnatal)
  • Child’s Gender
  • Baby Birthday (Month/Year)
  • Number of Children in Household
  • Parent’s Age
  • Partner’s Gender
  • City, State, Zip

Marketing Ideas

  • Reach new parents with an offer for a parenting-focused magazine, website, or subscription box.
  • Advertise your home decor and furnishings for that new nursery. Reach expecting mothers who are also homeowners.
  • It’s never too early to start thinking about college. Advertise your college financial plans to new parents and help them secure their baby’s financial future.
  • Use the child’s gender select to customize the creative in your direct mail and digital campaigns with gender-specific products.

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