35 Million Reasons to Advertise to American Pre-Movers

By Amy Carraher

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Did you know that 35 million Americans move every year? That’s a lot of people who could use some help during what is often a very stressful time. If you’re looking to reach these prime targets before they even pack a box, look no further than the LiftEngine American Pre-Movers Database. Upgrade your marketing efforts by reaching these individuals just in time!

Keep reading to discover how targeting American Pre-Movers can improve your marketing strategy.

What is American Pre-Movers?

The LiftEngine Pre-Movers Database is updated weekly, giving advertisers the benefit of being first to market and staying ahead of their competition. The data is compiled from over six carefully chosen sources. This information comes from “Pending Sale” and “Under Contract” listings that have all been put through an assortment of building protocols, validation, and hygiene to ensure accuracy. Furthermore, each record contains a full standardized address so you can target your audience with precision.

Why use American Pre-Movers?

Research proves that the timeframe to influence these individuals making a move is two months before the move and two months after the move. American Pre-Movers is the perfect prospect file for that earlier timeframe.

American Pre-Movers tend to be responsive to marketing offers, so if you want to reach new customers, this is a great solution. By targeting these folks, you can connect with people who are making a major change in their lives and might be interested in what you have to offer.

American Pre-Movers is enhanced with LiftEngine’s LiftBase data, allowing you to target your campaign more effectively by layering on 1,000+ data elements. Elements include demographics, interests, transactional data, home/property data, and much more.

Reaching these highly motivated Pre-Movers at the right time can lead to immediate sales if you can assist with the moving process or set your brand up with long-term loyalty once they are settled in their new home.

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How Can Marketers Use American Pre-Movers?

Reach new customers in your service area by targeting American Pre-Movers. These are individuals who are preparing to move to a new address, and they can be reached through direct mail campaigns, email campaigns, and as a custom audience on Facebook, Instagram, and more. Connect with people who are making a major life change and may be interested in trying your brand or services.

Check out some use cases below:

Home Improvement (Early-stage pre-mover)

When these homeowners are getting ready to put their homes on the market, they look for ways to make it more visually appealing and increase its value. This includes finding painters, contractors, landscapers, etc who can help them achieve this goal.

Moving & Self Storage Companies

It’s important to advertise your moving and storage services as soon as there is a sign that a household is moving. This is a great way to help pre-movers transition into their new home. Send direct mail campaigns, email campaigns, and create custom audiences on social media to reach these potential customers.


Pre-movers are interested in making their new house a home and are looking for inspiration on how to do that. Reach pre-movers with an offer for a home and decor-focused magazine, website, fitness, or subscription box.

Telecommunications, Internet, and Cable

When individuals change residences, they frequently need to sign up for different utilities. And because half of all home moves are within the same town, cable and utility providers can reduce customer defection by maintaining contact with these existing customers.

Financial Services

Pre-Movers are a great target for financial services. They may need help setting up utilities, getting a new bank account, or transferring their old accounts or pre-mortgage approvals. Reach out to them with offers during this vulnerable transitional period to create a lasting relationship.

Charitable Donation Companies

Prepare to be wowed by the stuff people are getting rid of as they sort through their belongings in preparation for a move. This is the perfect opportunity to reach out to pre-movers and take advantage of all the donated goods–and possibly even some trash. You never know if they have a car, boat, clothes, and food they don’t wish to take with them.

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Published on Nov. 16, 2022, Last Updated on Nov. 08, 2023