5 Reasons Why We Are Excited for the DMAW’s 2018 Bridge Conference

Jul. 20, 2018 // Jeff Cracolici

On August 1st, the Direct Marketing Association of Washington will be hosting their annual Bridge Conference down in Washington D.C. With the date quickly approaching, here are five reasons we are excited to once again be in attendance.

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1. The Conference Theme

This year’s theme is “The Art & Science of Fundraising & Marketing: Discover the Best Mix.” Per the conference’s official website, here’s what the theme encompasses: “In today’s environment, fundraisers and marketers must rely on a balance of creative ideas and data-driven analytics to maximize their effectiveness.”

Considering our passion and expertise for the integration of direct mail, email and social media marketing, we are excited to hear what challenges fundraisers are facing in these regards, and how they are overcoming them.

2. Shankar Vedantam’s Keynote Presentation

Shankar Vedantam’s background and role as a NPR science correspondent gives him a unique perspective into how humans behave. Mr. Vedantam’s keynote presentation, titled “The Hidden Brain & Generosity,” looks at how we are subconsciously “hard-wired” to be charitable. As marketing is a psychological game, especially in the fundraising space, this presentation is one of many that is a must-see.

3. Variety of Conference Tracks

Conference tracks have become a cornerstone for many of these annual conferences. Bridge does a great job this year offering a wide variety of tracks. Whether you are on the direct response or the branding side, there is surely one (or two) that will peak your interest.

Here are some that peaked ours:

  • Best Practices in Acquiring New Donors
  • Using Analytics to Power Your Fundraising Programs
  • Building Digital Marketing Programs that Work

See a full list here: http://bridgeconf.wpengine.com/track/

4. The Pre-Conference Workshops

From 10am to 4pm on July 31st, the day before the official start of the conference, folks can attend any one of four workshops. These workshops consist of a full day of programming center around Fundraising, Direct Marketing, Digital Marketing and Creative.

5. Networking Opportunities

One of our favorite things about the DMAW is the opportunity to connect with other attendees. Whether you are a fundraiser looking to integrate new channels to your marketing mix, or a vendor searching for potential partnership opportunities, LiftEngine works with hundreds of companies and partners with dozens more.

To schedule some time, contact Christopher Montana, LiftEngine’s VP of Business development at cmontana@liftengine.com, (845) 627-6600 x#216 or make a general inquiry here.

See you down in DC!