Amazon Prime Day 2019: Digital Campaign Ideas

By Jeff Cracolici

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Back in the Summer of 2015, Amazon planned to celebrate their 20-year anniversary by launching Prime Day. Exclusive to only those with an Amazon Prime subscription, the initial Press Release claimed that the one-day event was going to be “filled with more deals than Black Friday.”

Entering its fourth year, Prime Day is technically a multiple-day retail holidays that brings in billions of dollars of revenue for both Amazon and their retail partners.

With Prime Day 2019 on the horizon (official date t.b.a.), the mid-July event presents a huge opportunity for retailers to push their brands in front of an audience looking to spend. Here are some advertising ideas to make the most of Prime Day.

On Prime Day, Don’t Rely on Organic Traffic

When Prime Day kicks off it is not enough to just have your products listed on Amazon marked for sale, you must promote them. Looking at the lead up to last year’s Prime Day, the media frenzy and the Amazon homepage guided users to what they deemed to be the best deals. These influencers can steer the flow of traffic away from your products if no steps are taken.

Once your Prime Day deals are in place, email deployments to your current customers as well as organic social media posts are a good start. To take it to the next level you should be building paid social campaigns around your best deals. Carousel ads on Facebook and Instagram are great for showcasing products, and you can directly link to the product on Amazon.

Amazon Sponsored Product ads can also be a great option, but expect high CPMs due to the increased ad inventory demand.

Beat the Competition: Run a “Sneak Peak” Digital Campaign

There is no reason why your customers need to wait until Prime Day to save. A “Prime Day Sneak Peak” sale, targeted to your active buyers, can be beneficial on a number of fronts. First, it is a way for your brand to stand out before the chaos. Second, it makes your customers feel exclusive, ultimately building long-term loyalty.

While it might be tempting to push customers to your website during the lead up to Prime Day, it is important to push them to your Amazon store for authenticity.

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Keep Creative Simple, Focusing on Products, Savings and Ratings

There is no need to get too complicated when it comes to creative. Keep your product front-and-center and make sure to highlight the potential savings.

Additionally, a big boost in engagement can come from including the product’s rating within the creative. Here’s an example of how stars ratings can be simply overlaid onto a product’s image within a Facebook Carousel Ad:

Amazon Carousel Sample

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Published on Jun. 05, 2019, Last Updated on Aug. 02, 2019