American WeddingBase: The Perfect Tool for Marketers Targeting Newlyweds

By Christopher Montana

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LiftEngine’s American WeddingBase is the perfect tool for marketers targeting this in-demand and unique audience in “purchase mode” for home, travel, apparel, gifts, etc. The database is updated semi-monthly and provides the couples’ wedding date allowing marketers to deliver offers leading up to and after their big day. Wedding data enriched with accurate and high-quality LiftBase data allows marketers to tap into 1,000+ elements to reach the perfect target audience.

Every year, over 2.1 million Americans tie the knot, making up 0.51% of the US Population. These newlyweds account for significant spending across a number of categories as they start their new lives together.

What is WeddingBase?

WeddingBase is a prospect file that provides data on couples who have recently married or plan to marry. Selections include their wedding date, which can be used by marketers to send offers for services and products leading up to the big day and beyond. The data is also enriched with LiftEngine’s LiftBase data, such as demographics, interests, lifestyle, and purchase history. This allows marketers to create a more complete picture of their target audience and craft targeted messages that are more likely to resonate.

Why Use WeddingBase?

One of the most powerful aspects of American WeddingBase is that it can be used to identify couples by pre and post-wedding date. This information is incredibly valuable because “tying the knot” usually precedes increased spending across many categories. If you can reach Newlyweds across channels appealing to their pre & post wedding needs and interests, you have a better chance to grab a piece of their unique spending behavior as they establish their new home, plan to entertain their guests, and gear up for their honeymoon travel while creating long-term loyal customers.

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How Can Marketers Use American WeddingBase?

There are countless ways that you can use American WeddingBase to target pre and post-newlyweds with relevant advertising and promotions. This data can be used in direct mail campaigns, email campaigns, and as a custom audience on Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Check out some use cases below:

Use Case #1: Get in Their Registries

By targeting freshly engaged couples with special offers and discounts on products they are interested in, you can encourage them to add your products to their registries. Additionally, by segmenting your audience based on LiftBase’s interests and income levels, you can create targeted marketing campaigns that focus on specific product categories. This type of campaign is especially effective if you sell high-ticket items.

Use Case #2: Furniture & Home Décor

Newlyweds make a massive portion of large ticket purchases as they establish their new homes. Target newlyweds with your furniture and home décor offers. Utilize income, dwelling type, and net worth data elements to target the right prospects. If you have retail locations, you can add a geographic radius to drive store traffic.

Use Case #3: Advertise Your Wedding Services    

Utilize American WeddingBase to find upcoming weddings that will need your services on their big day. Wedding vendors, such as photographers, caterers, and florists, can combine the wedding date select with other lifestyle data points to create customized marketing campaigns that are more likely to result in a sale.

Use Case #4: Travel Offers                     

WeddingBase is perfect for travel agents and travel services trying to reach newlyweds to plan their honeymoon. Find recently engaged or married couples to advertise special offers on honeymoon destinations or wedding anniversary vacation packages.

Use Case #5: Real Estate Agents         

Find couples in your area who recently got married and are now looking to buy their first home. You can use this data to create targeted marketing campaigns to reach potential and qualified customers. Utilize American WeddingBase in combination with LiftBase lifestyle data and geo-location information to zero in on your target market.

Use Case #6: Offer Life Insurance Plans to Newlyweds

Use American WeddingBase to target young couples who have just started their lives together and may not have thought about life insurance or expanded medical coverage yet.

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Published on Mar. 06, 2024, Last Updated on Mar. 07, 2024