Back-to-School Audience Segmentation

By Jeff Cracolici

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LiftEngine formally announced their SaaS platform, LaunchPad A.S.A.P. in July ‘22. The platform helps brands automate their customer data management, learn what makes their customers unique, segment, and onboard marketing audiences to one or more offline and digital channels. As a result, LaunchPad enables brands to execute actual omnichannel marketing campaigns. 

Ahead of major retail events and holidays, the LiftEngine team put together a few audience segmentation ideas that any brand can do with LaunchPad (or on their own if they have the data available). This edition is for the Back-to-School season, which is already quickly approaching. 

Households with Children Present, By Age 

The foundation of these audiences is our “Presence of Child By Age” element. While LaunchPad and LiftBase only have data on adults (18+), there are several household-level demographics to help home in on families with school-aged children. “Presence of Child By Age” offers the ability to select households with children in specific gender and age brackets.  

Depending on your business, it may make sense to tailor your audience to parents of children just starting school, those who have high school students, or somewhere in between. No matter your selection, it is vital that your creative reflects the household you are targeting. This means that if you advertise to homes with older children, ensure the imagery in your direct mail or digital creatives reflects such. 

Households with Many Children

Our “Number of Children in Household” data element allows advertisers to focus on households based on the number of kids present. 

It’s worth testing deeper discounts for larger families. Why? With the need to purchase back-to-school products for many children, a more significant discount can be beneficial with clothing and supplies, increasing the propensity the targeted consumer will buy. 

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Households with Children and a Specific Buying Behavior 

Along with focusing on household makeup, it’s important to advertise to households with a history of purchasing related back-to-school items. LaunchPad and LiftBase have dozens of Product Categories.

For back-to-school, children-specific elements for books, clothing, and toys can be leveraged to cull down to the perfect marketing audience. Interests in crafts and hobbies, stationery, or home office supplies can also be useful.

Similar to the first segment, if you are using any of these Product Categories, make sure that your creative and imagery mirror that for the most impact. 


The time to start strategizing about your back-to-school strategy is now. If you have any questions or want to chat about these strategies with our marketing experts, please contact us and let’s get a conversation going! 

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Published on Jul. 21, 2022, Last Updated on Nov. 08, 2023