December Marketing Ideas

By Braden Salas

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As the holiday season approaches, many businesses are preparing their marketing strategies. Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah are all celebrated in December, so it’s important to tailor your messaging to each of these holidays. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. We’re here to help. This blog post will outline some of the best December marketing Ideas. 

Christmas Fun Facts 

Hanukkah Fun Facts 

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Kwanzaa Fun Facts 

December Statistics 

Treating Holidays Respectively 

While many Americans will be shopping for gifts leading up to each of the major holidays, it’s important that when you do reference any of the holidays it’s important to take a pause and make sure you are doing so respectively, relative to the core of each holiday. 

For example, Kwanzaa is a holiday that celebrates African heritage and culture.  The seven-day observation is more about reflection and community than gifts. Promoting Kwanzaa-specific sales is not recommended at all. Instead, take this opportunity to recognize and support black-owned businesses and nonprofit organizations. In your creative assets, use the colors red, black, and green. 

To create a Christmas-themed marketing campaign. Use Christmas colors (red, green, and gold), images of Santa Claus or other Christmas characters, and festive fonts to create marketing materials that will grab people’s attention. 

To create a Hanukkah-themed marketing campaign. Use Hanukkah colors (blue, white, and sometimes silver), images of Menorah, Dreidel, Star of David, Gelt, or any other Hanukkah symbols. 

Another strategy is to remain neutral on holidays all together and create a winter sales event. Stick to the usual seasonal symbols like snowflakes, snowmen, hot chocolate, mittens, etc. This strategy structure is very much like the others without holiday ties. Going this route will include a larger audience, can be beneficial for diverse businesses, and you you’ll distance your business from any claims of trying to capitalize on a particular holiday.

The 2023 Holiday Season: Interest Rates and Potential Strikes

With the Federal Reserve’s recent interest rate increase, borrowing costs could rise, perhaps dampening consumer spending during the 2023 holiday season. Consumers may opt to save more due to increased returns from interests, shrinking the discretionary income for holiday expenditures.

Potential union strikes at major carriers like UPS and American Airlines could disrupt supplies and delivery services, influencing retailers and consumers alike. Strikes might cause ripple effects, impacting even those sectors not directly affected, potentially amplifying supply shortages and delivery delays. Increased labor costs from these strikes might elevate product prices, potentially further curbing holiday spending.

Harnessing AI for Marketing and Shopping

In the bustling digital landscape of 2023, marketers can now wield the powerful tool of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to craft strategic and effective marketing campaigns. AI’s predictive and generative capabilities can offer personalized customer experiences and better inform marketing decisions. At the same time, consumers have access to the same AI technology, using these sophisticated algorithms to research products, make comparisons, and ultimately inform their purchase decisions. As we embark on this intriguing journey into the age of AI, providing rich and detailed data to these intelligent systems becomes paramount. By adequately equipping AI, marketers can ensure their products reach the right consumers at the right time, revolutionizing the dynamics of the seller-customer relationship in the digital age.


Host an event for all to attend. All the usual events like hiring DJs, handing out freebies, food, etc. Except this time add a twist with having Santa show up, Menorah lighting, or Kinara lighting. Tie in a holiday tradition and serve holiday foods. Host a contest such as an eating contest, guessing contest, Santa lookalike, etc.

Social Media 

Use social media to keep your customer’s attention engaged. Advertise your sales, discounts, and events. Most importantly promote your seasonal products and services! 

Email Marketing 

Promote your sales, discounts, events, and seasonal products and services. Create a call to action that is catchy enough to have customers visit you in-store and/or online. Style the email to your audience and holiday spotlighted. Use the correct color and symbols as stated above.

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Published on Jul. 27, 2023, Last Updated on Jul. 27, 2023