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By Karen Huntoon

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Facebook has rolled out a new service on October 28th that offers a preview of the ballot you’ll receive on November 8th. Facebook Vote Planner shows you what’s on the ballot — from candidates to ballot initiatives – and where the candidates stand on the issues. Once you previewed all of the races and issues you’ll see on your ballot, you can email yourself the information for later reference.


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When you open the Vote Planner, you will see the candidates’ profiles presented in random order in a horizontal scroll. From there you can interact with each profile to view the candidates’ self-declared positions on issues, their endorsements, recent posts and their website. You can also add a candidate to your favorites and create a plan to bring with you on Election Day.

Who sees it?

After you make a selection, you choose whether or not you want your friends to see your choices. Additionally, if you’re undecided about a race you can ask your friends for advice on Facebook. Since many people look to friends and family for information and guidance about how to vote, this can be a powerful tool help people get ready for the big day.

To see how Vote Planner works go to: facebook.com/elections/yourplan

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Published on Nov. 02, 2016, Last Updated on Nov. 09, 2018