Google Customer Match 101: What You Need to Know

By Jeff Cracolici

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Like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a host of other platforms, Google Ads also gives advertisers the option to target their specific customers through audience onboarding. Referred to as Google Match, there are a number of qualities that makes Google’s offering different from its competitors. Whether you are new to Google Ads, or interested in running a campaign to a Matched audience for the first time, here’s what you need to know.

Google Match Requirements

Unlike their competitors, Google Match has a relatively high barrier of entry to be granted permission to onboard customers. Most notably, Google only opens up the Match platform to advertisers who have a lifetime media spend of $50,000. This spend includes any media dollars put towards YouTube, Gmail, search or display network ads.

Aside from the lifetime spend minimum, Google also requires that the ad account be active for at least 90 days. In addition, Google looks at your payment history as well as any policy complaints against your account.

If you have met these requirements and wish to enable Google Match, you can reach out to your Google Account Rep.

For Customers Only

Google is strict about the source of the individuals you are onboarding to their platform. You can only upload those individuals who have a direct relationship with your organization, leveraging only information “your customers have given you.” This means that third-party consumer lists and other outside data sources cannot be uploaded.

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Where Can Google Match Audiences Be Used?

Once an audience is Matched to Google, it can be utilized for targeting across a number of their properties, specifically: Gmail, YouTube, Google Shopping and the Search Network. Matched Audiences cannot be used on Google’s Display Network.

What Fields Can You Match On?

Google can match on a number of different fields, including: email, name, country and postal codes.

How Does Google Use Your Customer Data?

Before you upload a single customer, it’s important to know how Google will used your data. Check out this Google article for an in-depth explanation.

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Published on May. 28, 2019, Last Updated on Jul. 18, 2022