LiftEngine Announces Partnership with Klaviyo, Providing CDP Migration, Acquisition, and LaunchPad Customer Tagging

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Pearl River, NY – LiftEngine announces its partnership with Klaviyo, an industry-leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) that additionally offers email, SMS, reviews, and marketing automation services.

Recognized by Klaviyo as an Agency partner, LiftEngine can provide customer acquisition solutions and its Customer Tagging solution, LaunchPad, to Klaviyo’s 130,000 clients. LiftEngine will also help its clients migrate to Klaviyo’s new CDP platform and existing outbound marketing channels.

“We are very excited for this partnership,” said Keith Huntoon, LiftEngine President and Co-Founder. “This is a true win-win for clients as they access Klaviyo’s incredible technology and our powerful data to create segments, workflows, and insights not found elsewhere. The ultimate goal is to serve clients better and help them build highly successful and engaging marketing campaigns.”

LiftEngine’s Customer Tagging solution, LaunchPad, adds third-party demographic, interest, and buying behavior data to the customer profiles in a brand’s Klaviyo account. Marketers within Klaviyo can create personalized segments and workflows incorporating a curated package of 25+ elements from LiftEngine’s 1,000+ field database with RFM data from their e-commerce integrations and first-party response data from Klaviyo’s email and SMS channels.

“We are thrilled to work with the LiftEngine team to bring clients the solutions and data to improve their marketing campaigns,” said Rich Gardner, Klaviyo Vice President of Global Partnerships.

About LiftEngine

Since 2005, LiftEngine's primary mission has been to help clients better understand and connect with their most responsive prospects and customers, online or offline. Our expertise is behind the marketing campaigns of 400+ clients.

Behind LiftEngine is LiftBase, our proprietary addressable consumer database. Comprised of 250 million US consumers, 140 million US households, and 1,000+ enhanced data elements, LiftBase powers our audience development services and industry-leading products, PortalLink and LaunchPad.

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Published on Jan. 03, 2024, Last Updated on Jan. 03, 2024