LiftEngine Launches Audience Amplify for Digital Marketers and Brand Managers

Apr. 18, 2016 // LiftEngine PR Team

Pearl River, NY ( — Today, LiftEngine officially launches Audience Amplify for Digital Marketers and Brand Managers.

Audience Amplify expands the size of a client’s customer list by identifying and including additional household members, typically spouses, who have not done business with the client in the past. For digital marketers and brand managers, this empowers them to run marketing campaigns that speak to not only their customers, but their customer’s household.

“We see Audience Amplify as the perfect solution for digital and brand marketing managers to tap into new audiences with ease,” said LiftEngine President, Keith Huntoon.

When asked how Amplify can help this group of marketers, Keith described two areas. The first area is in situations where a brand’s advertising plan has primary and secondary targets for gifters and wishers.

“Amplify can enable a women’s retailer to serve gift ideas to husbands of their customers around Valentine’s or Mother’s Day, online or offline.”

The second area identified by Keith where Amplify can help digital marketers and brand managers is with reaching multiple people in a household who qualify for offers. “When influencers and decision makers are each served ads from the same brand, the likelihood of purchase increases,” explained Keith.

Amplify can increase the available audience of a campaign by 50% to 100%. Executive Vice President of LiftEngine, Scott Markowitz, said that these increases are to be expected.

Markowitz stated, “according to the most recent census data, an average U.S. household contains 2.6 members. It’s easy to see why there is large impact when Audience Amplify is applied to a customer list.”

For additional information about Amplify and LiftEngine, contact LiftEngine sales at, or (845) 627-6600.

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