LiftEngine Launches Audience Amplify Service for List Owners & List Managers

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Pearl River, NY ( — Today, LiftEngine officially launches Audience Amplify for List Owners and List Managers.

Audience Amplify expands a list’s universe by identifying and including additional household members, typically spouses, who are not supplied by the list owner. There are two main goals of Audience Amplify: first to expand the universe of a list, allowing marketers to target households that would otherwise be excluded, and second, to provide complete name renditions, making prospect communications more personal.

“Our role as a list fulfillment provider is to help list managers maximize the universes available for rental,” explained LiftEngine President, Keith Huntoon. “Historically, this was done by correcting addresses and data enhancement with LiftBase.”

Audience Amplify provides a third solution designed to give List Managers more names to rent, which opens opportunities to attract new mailers who may have shied away from a particular list in the past due to available quantity.

List Managers have the option to include or exclude “Amplified Names” in counts and orders, and Amplified records can be selected by all LiftBase variables. Additionally, these names can also be keyed to specific panels for testing, so their impact on response can be measured.

Early applications of Audience Amplify have produced list universe increases upwards of 50% to 100%. Executive Vice President of LiftEngine, Scott Markowitz, expected these dramatic increases to occur. Markowitz stated, “according to the most recent census data, an average U.S. household contains 2.6 members. Although the Audience Amplify process takes a conservative approach when selecting household members to add, it is easy to see why there is a large impact on the file universe when it is applied.”

For additional information, contact LiftEngine sales at or (845) 627-6600.

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Published on Sep. 29, 2015, Last Updated on Nov. 08, 2023