List of Digital Marketing Channels – Digital Nugget #3

By Jeff Cracolici

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Digital Marketing covers a wide range of channels, platforms, and tactics. In order to cut through the clutter, here is an overview of the big nine:


These are your typical banner ads found throughout the internet. While there are many, many different types, all of them share a common goal of creating awareness of a brand and driving traffic to a website.


Activities such as status updates, posts and ads placed on social media networking sites like Facebook and Twitter that are meant to reach audiences participating on these platforms.

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Text messages, mobile application ads, mobile display ads and all other types of marketing that is uniquely for mobile devices or tailored for mobile devices.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Have you ever Googled something and wondered why all the results appear in the order that they do? Well, that Search Engine Optimization!

SEO is the science and art behind obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results pages of Google and Bing. This is important for marketers because the higher your page is ranked, the more visitors come to your website.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


SEM ads typically appear on the top of your searches.

SEM, or paid search, is the “art” of paying your way to a high-ranking placement in the search results pages of Google and Bing. You see these ads all the time, but may have never noticed them.

In SEM, a marketer bids on popular keywords and phrases that individuals search and the highest bidders are awarded the top spots.

Content Marketing

Creating articles, blogs, images, graphs etc. that will resonate with your target audience to ultimately attract them to your website (hopefully you’re reading this due to our content marketing strategy).

Digital Video

Digital video ads are short 15 to 30 second clips that resemble commercials commonly found on television, but they can be clicked on to drive traffic to a website. These ads can either standalone or appear before, during and/or after an online video.

Native Ads


These ads match the look, feel and form of whatever platform they appear on. Commonly practiced on publishing websites, native ads appear either directly in the body of the article, or appear as a full article written by the marketing team of an organization.


Techniques and strategies used by marketers – especially retailers – to follow up with website visitors who have not finished the purchasing process or who have not completed a desired action.

An example seen all the time is when you view a product online and navigate away from the page without buying. As you continue to browse, you begin to see ads for that specific item throughout the internet.


In the remarketing example above, if an individual visits a Sprint landing page they will see Sprint ads on subsequent websites they visit.

The fact that ads start appearing everywhere is no coincidence. This is a calculated strategy by marketers to drive you back to the original item you were viewing to complete the purchasing process.

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Published on Jul. 13, 2015, Last Updated on Jul. 19, 2022