Mobile Will Take Over – Digital Nugget #2

Jun. 29, 2015 // Jeff Cracolici

Where is your cell phone right now? If I had to take a guess, chances are it’s not more than an arm’s distance away from you.

In 2014 the average American adult spent almost 3 hours a day on their phones. Even as they slept, 44% of Americans needed their phones right next to them.

Last week we looked at the shift in the marketing industry towards digital, but how large of an impact will mobile have on this?

Turns out a whole lot. This year mobile advertising will account for almost 50% of the total amount spent on digital marketing. By 2019, that share will increase to 72% totaling almost $66 billion dollars.

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US Mobile Ad Spending vs Other Digital Ad Spending, 2013-2019

Source: eMarketer

US Mobile Ad Spending

This growth is due to the one thing that was alluded to above; the amount of people with their eyes on their mobile devices is staggering.

Here are some stats from the last year or so:

  • 90% of American adults own a cell phone
  • 63% of cell phone owners use their phone for internet
  • 34% of internet-capable mobile owners go online primary through their phones instead of using desktop or laptop computers.

All these numbers boil down to one thing: If marketers want to connect with their prospects, customers or donors they need to be advertising on mobile.