New Features & Tools for Facebook’s Slideshow Ads

Aug. 30, 2016 // Karen Huntoon

Facebook introduced new features for the Slideshow ad type, which includes audio functionality, the ability to overlay text, and closer integration with Shutterstock and page image libraries. There are also new tools for mobile creation and to transform video assets into slideshows.

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1) Adding Text and Audio

Advertisers can add text, select templates, and choose colors to create a rich visual experience. They can also choose from audio tracks that reflect a range of different themes and will soon be able to upload their own audio.

2) Use Assets from Shutterstock and Your Page’s Image Library

Slideshow is now fully integrated with Shutterstock, a stock image database, to provide thousands of free stock images for use in ads. Additionally, Facebook now allows you to utilize photos that you have uploaded to your Facebook page in the past directly from the Ad Manager/Power Editor, so you can reuse photos with ease.

3) Create Slideshows On The Go

Advertisers can now create slideshows on the go with their Android mobile devices.

4)Take existing video assets and turn them into a slideshow that will play on slower connection speeds — in just a few clicks.

Advertisers can now easily turn video files into slideshows by uploading them into this new tool. Once a video is uploaded, the tool will automatically select ten still-frames which you can choose from to build a slideshow.

Once the slideshow is created, you can specifically target those accessing the internet via a 2G wireless connection to simply and effectively deliver video creative to users on low bandwidth connections.