New Year’s Marketing Strategies

By Braden Salas

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Can you believe it? We’re already at the end of the year and it’s that time again when we all start thinking about our New Year’s resolutions and how we can better ourselves. For consumers, this time of year can bring change, in terms of lifestyle and brand loyalty. If you’re looking for a few New Year’s marketing tips, here are some ideas to help get your 2024 off to a successful start.

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New Years Marketing Strategies

New Year’s Eve is the perfect excuse for a night out on the town before we ring in a new year and start fresh. This holiday is all about reflection and setting goals for the future, but it’s also an opportunity for businesses to take advantage of customers who are looking to try something new.

When thinking of your marketing campaign keep in mind January 1st in the Julian Calendar New Year, Orthodox New Year is January 14, and the Lunar New Year is February 10th.


With the holiday season behind buyers, New Year’s Eve is not much of a shopping holiday. Unless it involves food, drinks, events, and clothing.

Clothing Retailers

Clothing stores can run a promotion on all their NYE-styled clothing (shiny, silver, black, gold). Be sure to run the promotion in advance as many plan their outfits. For Lunar New Year use red (fire), yellow (earth), green or blue (wood), white (metal), and black (water.)

Party Retailer

Decorations and noisemakers will be a hot commodity for those celebrating. Whether celebrating at home, at a friend’s house, at a relative’s house, or at a business noisemakers are an NYE staple.

Super Markets

Create sales for those hosting this NYE. Make appetizers, chips, dip, wings, and decorations readily available to consumers.


Food takeout businesses can create sales or deals on their finger food menu items. Create a unique platter for guests to bring or hosts to serve at their party.

Delivery Services

Restaurants and especially food delivery services can take this opportunity to run a sale for those recovering from a night out. Everything from greasy foods and Advil or Juice/smoothy and vitamins will cover both party recovery types.

Gyms, Fitness Centers, and Related Products

Going into 2023, 52% of Americans wanted to exercise more. Gyms, Fitness Centers, and Yoga studios can tap into this sense of well-being by offering discounted memberships. In addition, if you provide workout clothes, supplements, or any other related products, now is an excellent time to put them on sale.


Also on the list of popular 2022 resolutions is traveling. Take advantage of yearning to travel by marking down your tickets and trips to help push people to cross off their bucket list vacations in the new year.

Self-Care & Self-Improvement

While a gym membership can help fulfill health-related resolutions, other internal resolutions can be met. Health and beauty products, self-help books, and classes are great to tie into the new year.

Automotive (and Related Products)

Sale campaigns like Lexus’ “December to Remember” usually extend into the New Year. Along with the vehicle, products like floor mats, cleaning products, and organizers can be great complementary products for owners of new cars and trucks.


When planning your advertising for New Year’s Eve, it’s important to use festive colors like silver, white, and gold to catch the attention of consumers. You can also promote your sales and upcoming events in your ads to get people excited about ringing in the New Year with you!

Utilize audience segmentation tools to improve ad ROI. Narrowing the audience by single, or no kids with high net worth can greater your return for high-end NYE parties. Grocers can narrow their focus on households with children or multiple generations in one household for their advertisements.

Play into the New Years’ Resolutions. Segment your audience using lifestyle, green households, purchased gym equipment, travels, and net worth. These answer the three most common resolutions which are weight loss, saving money, and getting in shape. You have a resolution, LiftBase has a select for your audience segmentation! Reach out to one of our representatives for more help.


Restaurants and Bars can benefit most by hosting NYE parties. Whether you keep your dining room as is or remove the tables and make it a fun dance party, you are bound to fill up your establishment! Many bars offer New Year’s Eve specials, including drink and food deals or all-inclusive ticket pricing.

Depending on your industry and location, events of all sizes can work for NYE

  • Watch the NY Ball Drop.
  • Host your own countdown.
  • Fire Works.
  • Normal business but NYE-themed with Champaign toast.
  • Broadway Show that ends right before Midnight. Celebration with the cast.
  • Concert
  • Movie
  • Ice Skating or roller rink

Social Media

Create a social media campaign that encourages customers to use your business as their go-to place for all their New Year’s Eve needs. Make sure to use hashtags like #newyears #nye #party so that your posts are easy to find!

Email Marketing

Utilize email marketing as you would always. Use our advertising recommendations to create your email and push all your sales, promotions, and events.

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Published on Sep. 14, 2023, Last Updated on Nov. 08, 2023