Nonprofits: To Suppress or Not to Suppress, That is the Question!

By Jeff Cracolici

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LiftEngine President and Co-Founder, Keith Huntoon, wrote a featured article in the latest issue of The Journal of the DMA Nonprofit Federation. Here’s an excerpt of Keith’s article:

“Marketing is hard, right? Not only do we want to squeeze the most out of every marketing dollar, we want to do so as easily as possible with nothing but glowing praise from both our board and our current donors.

At a high level, many marketers follow a standard process for mailings: Rent names, run through hygiene and address standardization, merge, suppress “do not mails” (internal and external), apply key codes, and ship to the lettershop.

In this case, many think of suppressions purely as the “do nots” above. While suppressions do include “do nots”, what about donors who, for a variety of reasons, should be suppressed from specific campaigns? How about campaigns running across channels, such as email and/or Facebook? What are all of the suppressions possible and when or why should they be used?

We look at suppressions into two ways — those individuals who should not receive promotions due to request and those who through segmentation are not a fit for a particular campaign…”

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Published on Sep. 28, 2016, Last Updated on Nov. 09, 2018