“Rising Star” Mobile Display Ads – Digital Nugget #16

By Julie Ennis

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In today’s Digital Nugget post, we will continue our discussion of digital display ad types, specifically ones for mobile platforms. In our last post, we discussed which traditional ad types have become popular for use on smartphones. Today, we will explore the mobile ad types that the Interactive Advertising Bureau has deemed “Rising Stars.”

What is a Rising Star Ad?

In short, Rising Stars are ad types that are gaining in popularity because they use newer technologies to engage audiences and drive brand awareness in unique ways. For a more detailed discussion of what goes into determining Rising Stars, you can check out our post on Rising Stars for Desktop.

Adhesion banner

This ad type adds a new feature to the standard mobile banner ad that does not negatively impact user experience. While static banner ads are integrated into a mobile webpage, adhesion banner ads remain at the bottom of the browser. The ad disappears
during scrolling, so as not to interfere, then reappears when the user stops scrolling.

Adhesion banner

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Pull and Slider

While the Adhesion Banner improves on the Static Banner, the Pull and Slider allows for expandable banner ads to be dragged elsewhere on the screen to avoid getting in the way of content on the page. Like Adhesion banners, Pull and Sliders ensure that
the location of the ad does not interfere with user experience.

Pull and Slider


The Filmstrip ad type is the perfect solution for getting a substantial amount of content across in a small space. Different modules scroll through the ad vertically, allowing for use of a variety of media, such as videos, photos, and games. This is
the perfect ad type for use on both smart phones and tablets. On a smart phone, a Filmstrip ad will typically take up the entire screen, while on a tablet, the ad will be featured in the sidebar of a webpage.


Full Page Flex

In addition to the ad above, this type of ad is also perfect for use on both tablets and smartphones. Full Page Flex ads appear like interstitial ads, taking up most of the screen on a device. However, the ad works whether the device is held vertically
or horizontally; not only does the ad flip with the device, but it readjusts to fit the screen in either position.

Full Page Flex

Be sure to check in to our next Digital Nugget post in two weeks! We’ll move on to a new topic in this series: digital video advertising.

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Published on Feb. 29, 2016, Last Updated on Nov. 08, 2023