Target Dads for Mother’s Day with Audience Amplify

Apr. 21, 2016 // Karen Huntoon

Mother’s Day is the perfect time of year to target the husbands of your female customers and help them give an amazing gift to the woman in their life who means the most.

Your brand has a relationship with Mom because she might have purchased in the past or signed up to receive offers. But how do you target the individual who wants to buy the perfect thing for Mom on May 8th? The answer is LiftEngine’s Audience Amplify.

Audience Amplify expands the size of a client’s customer list by identifying and including additional household members, typically spouses, who have not done business with the client in the past. As an example, a women’s retailer can reach the husbands of their customers around Mother’s Day, online.

A great idea is to use Facebook’s Carousel Ads to create a “gift guide” for these husbands. Just select 3 to 5 product images from your website or catalogue, add some text and set a call to action. LiftEngine can take care of the targeting by identifying the husbands of your female customers, loading that new audience to Facebook, and making sure the ads are being delivered ahead of Mother’s Day.

May 8th is coming quickly! Contact us to learn more about Audience Amplify today.