The IAB and the DAA – Digital Nugget #10

Oct. 19, 2015 // Jeff Cracolici

By the end of 2015, over $63 billion will be spent on Digital Marketing in the US alone. With such a substantial amount of money flowing into a relatively young industry, many organizations are beginning to crop up in order to help shape the industry through regulation, standardization and/or self-policing.

Two such organizations in the digital marketing industry include the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Digital Advertising Alliance.

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The Interactive Advertising Bureau

The Interactive Advertising Bureau [IAB] is the leading organization for advocacy, standardization, and self-regulation among the digital advertising industry. IAB consists of more than 650 member companies that are “responsible for selling, delivering, and optimizing digital advertising or marketing campaigns.” Members of this organization collectively account for 86% of online advertising in the United States.

The IAB is renowned for setting the ad specification and creative standards for both desktop and mobile ad types. Such specifications include how large an ad can be, where it can appear and how long it can run. The ultimate goal of establishing these specifications is to ensure consistency between publishers when they design their websites, and advertisers when they design their ads.

Read more at the IAB’s official website:

The Digital Advertising Alliance and the “Trusted Mark”

The Digital Advertising Alliance [DAA] is a non-profit organization that “collaborates with businesses, public policy groups, and public officials to ensure that the high standards for consumer privacy, transparency and control are addressed and enforced” among the digital advertising industry.

The DAA is responsible for establishing the “trusted mark” that you may have noticed in the corner of many digital ads. This icon is utilized more than one trillion times each month throughout the world. The mark bestows transparency to internet users as to who is serving the ad, how they are being targeted, as well as providing an opportunity to opt-out from receiving future messages from an advertiser or from an advertising platform.

More About The Trusted Mark

On the top of DAA regulated ads, you will see a small triangle with an “i” within it. When clicked, you will be provided with information about the company who served the ad, the advertiser and the decision behind targeting you with the ad.

Here is a sample digital ad with a Trust Mark on the top right:


Read more at the DAA’s official website: