The Latest: Snapchat’s New Ad Platform, Pinterest Dips Toes into Search

By Julie Ennis

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Here is our take on the most notable stories in Digital and Social Media Marketing from last week.

Snapchat released a new self-serve tool in their ad platform while Pinterest is getting into the search game, making it easier for users to explore everything the site has to offer. On the brand front, dating app Hinge is taking an innovative approach to targeting lonely wedding guests. Finally, Adweek provided some interesting statistics on travel-related social media.

Snapchat launches its own version of Facebook ads’ Power Editor

Tech Crunch | August 4, 2017

Facebook and Instagram notoriously “borrow” ideas from Snapchat. This time, though, it is Snapchat taking inspiration from Facebook. Snap’s new “Advanced Mode” in its Ads Manager is very reminiscent of Facebook’s Power Editor. Per Snap, Advanced Mode “lets big advertisers rapidly deploy complex ad campaigns with tons of creative variants.” This new addition to Snap’s self-serve Ads Manager, which launched in May, was brought to the table by ex-Facebookers who are now Snapchat executives.

Advertisers can also use Advanced Mode to save target audiences, automate campaign naming, and more.

Our Take

As Snapchat continues to struggle on the stock market, this new feature seems like an obvious ploy to draw in major advertisers and encourage them to set large budgets for campaigns. However, this will not solve Snap’s other issue: drawing audiences away from Instagram and Facebook back to their app.

User issues aside, as Snapchat continuously improve their ad platform, marketers should begin to seriously consider testing the mobile app.

Pinterest Puts Search And Lens On The Home Feed

Media Post | July 31, 2017

Pinterest is making it easier for users to discover new content that fits their particular interests. In the near future, Pinterest will introduce “Search” and “Lens” to the home page, after discovering the popularity of those features amongst mobile users.

Pinterest product manager Audrey Tsang wrote in a blog post that adding these features to the home page will allow users to easily transition between seeing something new and exciting in their feed to using tools to further explore the subject.

Our Take

Pinterest is known for driving purchase decisions, especially for small businesses. The addition of these features is yet another opportunity for audiences to find your brand organically or through in-feed ads. Eventually, search ads within Pinterest will become a powerful tool for digital advertisters.

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Hinge Created Snapchat Geofilters to ‘Crash’ 25 Weddings Across the U.S.

Ad Week | August 4, 2017

Dating app Hinge used Snapchat’s geofilters to create a revolutionary social media campaign. Inspired by the many couples who create personalized geofilters for their wedding guests to use, Hinge created their own wedding filters. But, instead of celebrating the brides and grooms, these highlighted the guests at the ‘singles tables’—asking, “Where’s my date, Hinge?”

Our Take

This campaign is yet another example of how localized social media marketing can pay off. Hinge noted that the success of this campaign wasn’t just due to the people who used the filter, but also the people who viewed the Snaps of people who used the filter. According to Hinge, their filters were seen by up to 6,500 people over 25 weddings.

This campaign highlights the importance of timely marketing on social media, and that sometimes a more personal touch can be more impactful than a broad reach.

Stat of the Week via Ad Week

If your business is one of the many looking to target travelers, Ad Week has compiled some statistics that will help you to understand the landscape.


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Published on Aug. 14, 2017, Last Updated on Aug. 02, 2018