The Most Popular Mobile Ad Types – Digital Nugget #15

Feb. 16, 2016 // Julie Ennis

Welcome back to our series on digital display ad types. In our last two Digital Nugget posts in this series we discussed different ad types that are popular for use on desktops. Today, we move on to ad types that are popular on mobile platforms.

Unlike desktop display ads, mobile ads face the unique difficulty of getting viewers’ attention in a very limited amount of space, without disturbing the content of the webpage. The following mobile ad types have lived up to that challenge.

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Static Banners

Static banner ads are typically as wide as the mobile webpage they are featured on, but are short in height. They can feature images, text, and basic animations, but do not contain any interactive features. Touching the ad will immediately send viewers to a landing page.

While static banners do not provide a lot of real estate, they integrate well into mobile webpages and viewers typically cannot hide or close out of them. These ads work best with short, attention-grabbing messages and images.

Here is an example of a larger static banner ad:


Interstitial Ads

Unlike banner ads, interstitial ads provide ample real estate, usually overlapping webpage content rather than integrating into it. On the downside, this also allows viewers to hide or close out of the ads. Overall, interstitial ads allow for larger
images, longer messages, and more detailed animations.

Image via Marketing Land:


Rich Ads

Rich interstitial and banner ads have larger file sizes than their basic counterparts, allowing for interactive content like videos and games; however, because of these large file sizes, rich ads often take longer to load.

Expandable Banners

While static banner ads can only send viewers through a linked path when clicked on, expandable banners allow for more interaction. When clicked, ads of this type will expand to display more content. This means that the ad can engage viewers in a variety of ways, providing a unique and impactful user experience

Image via the Fun Mobility Blog: