Three Strategies to Nurture Holiday Shoppers with Facebook Remarketing Ads

By Jeff Cracolici

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This holiday season, Facebook and Instagram will be highly competitive for advertisers. As more marketing dollars are pumped into the platform, the price to reach your audience will most likely surge across the board. The most efficient way to reach potential customers could involve leveraging Facebook’s Remarketing Ads, re-engaging those already familiar with your brand. Here are three remarketing strategies that can help you dominate the holiday shopping season.

Before We Dive In: The Importance of the Facebook Pixel

All remarketing efforts hinge on the Facebook Pixel being installed correctly. For Google Chrome users, Facebook developed a browser extension that confirms whether events are firing as expected. For more information about the Facebook Pixel, click here.

1. Offer Attractive Discounts To Combat Abandoned Carts

Here’s the scenario: A Facebook user comes to your website and fills their cart with items, but ultimately does not make a purchase.

In the most simplistic form of Facebook Remarketing, you can serve this user a static ad with a discount code to help get them back on your website and complete the purchase. For example, give them a promo code for free shipping or for 10% off, just enough of an incentive to not hurt your bottom line.

Tip: Use the Facebook Pixel event ‘Add to Cart’ to target these individuals, but make sure you exclude anyone who triggered the ‘Purchase’ pixel event in recent weeks. This will make sure that you are not giving out discounts needlessly.

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2. Keep Your Products at the Forefront

Here’s the scenario: A Facebook user comes to your website and views five items before exiting.

Dynamic Product Ads [DPA Ads] are a great tool to leverage during this holiday season. DPA Ads are linked to your e-commerce platform and, like the name suggests, dynamically change their creative in real-time. When used as a remarketing vessel, these DPA ads can actually display the items a user was recently viewing.

While certainly customers will look at other retailers to compile their options, this strategy is aimed at keeping your brand and your products at the forefront while they go through their purchasing decision.

Tip: This strategy is especially helpful when you are selling an expensive product with a long lead-time.

3. Make Brick and Mortar Browsers into Online Shoppers

Here’s the scenario: You have several brick and mortar locations, and you want to reach individuals who are nearby or who walked into your store.

While not a remarketing campaign of the traditional sense, you can use a similar mindset to drive individuals to check out more options online.

This strategy taps into Facebook’s Store Visits Marketing Objective to target potential customers on Facebook within at least walking distance to your retail location(s), revealed by the GPS on their phones.

Serve these individuals static creative that has a call to action like “explore more new looks” online and continue to build a relationship with each customer after they leave your store.

Tip: You can integrate your POS transactional data into Facebook and actually exclude those who walk near (or in) your location and already made a purchase.

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Published on Nov. 13, 2018, Last Updated on Jul. 18, 2022