Tips for Integrating Direct Mail Effectively with Facebook This Holiday Season

By Jeff Cracolici

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Chances are, your holiday direct mail piece has an in-home date just around the corner and your team is finishing the landing pages. While Direct Mail is a highly-effective tool for prospecting, we have seen significant lift in DM response when a complementary Facebook Campaign is added to the marketing plan.

Simple to execute, there is still time to strategize and launch a Facebook campaign to boost your holiday demand. Here are some tips to help maximize the impact of this multi-channel approach.

1) Use the Same Exact Audience as Your Direct Mail Campaign

The theory behind why marrying direct mail and Facebook is so effective is a simple one: delivering ads to the right people across channels increases their propensity to respond. To accomplish this, onboard the exact list of individuals receiving your direct mail piece. There is an art to doing this right. If you have questions, just let us know.

2) Use the Same Imagery, But Modify It For Facebook’s Specs

Moving to the creative side of things, it’s important to do your Direct Mail piece justice by featuring as much of it as you can on Facebook. Try to use the same image as the cover of your catalog or the back of your postcard, modified to Facebook’s ad specs. The same creative seen in multiple places will resonate and make for a great multi-channel approach.

For an example, see below the next tip.

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3) Use the Same Promotion and the Same Promotional Language

This might be one of the most important points. Make sure that you feature the same promotion in your Facebook ad that you are featuring on your direct mail piece. In addition, make sure that you use the same exact language in both places.

For example, if the back of your postcard says “free shipping when you purchase two items…”, use that same statement in your Facebook ad. Specifically, put it in the Facebook ad’s post text or headline, and make sure it does not get truncated.

FB Integration Example

4) Start the Campaign Before Your In-Home Date, and Extend It After

For the greatest impact, serve your audience Facebook ads before and after the direct mail piece’s in-home date. With this strategy, your audience will already be exposed to your creative before the direct mail piece arrives, making the physical piece feel more familiar.

Extending the campaign is a kind reminder of your direct mail piece, and can pickup any customers who might have put off responding.

5) Retarget Website Visitors

With the competitive nature of the Holiday season, there is no time to be shy. Once a consumer expresses interest in your product and visits your website, subtly remind him/her to buy with a targeted remarketing campaign.

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Published on Nov. 19, 2018, Last Updated on Nov. 20, 2018