6 Tips for Valentine’s Day Facebook Campaigns

Feb. 03, 2017 // Katie Patierno

According to the National Retail Federation, about 50% of Americans celebrated Valentine’s Day last year by spending over $19 billion on food, jewelry, and other types of gifts. Now the second largest holiday in terms of spending, Valentine’s Day has become a “can’t miss” opportunity for consumer brands to boost sales and claim a piece of the revenue.

Considering we are less than two weeks away from the holiday, Facebook advertising is an ideal channel to reach your target audience. Facebook campaigns can be up and running very quickly and ads can be highly targeted to reach those perfect customers.

Here are some things you should keep in mind to ensure the success of your Valentine’s Day campaign.

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1) Start Your Campaigns As Soon As Possible…

Ideally, campaigns should start in the beginning of February to snag the early shoppers before they shop elsewhere. Many individuals in this early crowd will peruse other options before they settle on the perfect gift, so offering a promotion or discount code with an expiration date should create a sense of urgency.

2) …And Keep Campaigns Going As Late As Possible

As we approach the 14th, direct last minute shoppers to physical store locations if possible. For online-only retailers, keep campaigns live as long as you can assure that the product(s) will arrive before the special day. For example, if a product takes two days to get from your warehouse to the customer, make sure your campaign ends on or before the 12th.

Think about using copy like “Order Now for Delivery by 2/14!” in your creative.

3) Showcase Your Products and Options

No one gift is right for everyone, so make sure to show a wide range of products. Facebook’s carousel ads are perfect for this. It allows potential customers to quickly browse through your products to find the perfect gift.

Facebook Carosel Ads

4) Up Your Budget

According to Facebook, 70% of people wait until at least one week before Valentine’s Day before they start shopping. This mean competition around this time is going to be fierce among advertisers. Up your budget and your bid above normal levels to make sure your campaign is serving enough impressions.

5) Targeting Options

Targeting options come in handy when focusing on Valentine’s Day. Natively, Facebook enables you to target based on elements like relationship status, gender and age. All of these can, and should, be used.

For Facebook advertisers really looking to step up their campaigns, you can target your customers’ significant others to entice them to purchase the perfect gift. For example, you can target the husbands who are married to the women on your customer file and with products that you know she will love.

For more information on how to do this, send us a message to find out more about Audience Amplify.

6) Capitalize on Singles Awareness Day

Singles Awareness Day, abbreviated as SAD, is a humorous holiday that falls on February 15th. It offers a day for those currently not in a relationship to celebrate with friends and treat themselves. Fun creative around this holiday could set you apart, but tread lightly in order to not offend your audience.

Remember: It’s Not Too Late

Campaigns can be up and running quickly so there’s still time! If you have any questions, or you are interested in implementing any of these tips, feel free to drop us a line to connect with our Facebook experts!