The Latest: Facebook Battles #FakeNews, Releases New Ad Types

By Julie Ennis

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Here is our take on the most notable stories in Digital and Social Media Marketing from last week.

Facebook has rolled out new ad types within the Messenger and Marketplace. In addition, the social media giant took a stance to combat #fakenews, which will impact all publishers. Finally, we highlight a Hershey campaign that is generating buzz for a new product by going digital-first.

Facebook Tests Ads On Marketplace

Media Post | July 17, 2017

Last week, a small group of Facebook users were introduced to Facebook’s new Marketplace ads. Marketplace, which is Facebook’s response to the popular garage sale/thrift apps like LetGo and OfferUp, allows users to buy and sell their own household items directly to other users.

Our Take

These ads, which can be considered native by most accounts, has been rumored to hit the app for sometime. For advertisers, these ads could work very well. Users who are in the Marketplace are most likely about to make a purchase, which should eliminate many of the barriers to purchase.

Once these ads rollout globally, it will be interesting to see the user response. We are forecasting that ads which are focused on lower-priced merchandise will perform best in the Marketplace, considering users are looking to save money through the purchase of second-hand items already.

Facebook’s Removing the Ability to Edit Link Previews – Here are Your Alternatives

Social Media Today | July 19, 2017

In an effort to combat rampant fake news on the platform, Facebook has gotten rid of a feature beloved by many publishers and other page owners: the ability to edit a link preview from the one Facebook automatically generates. While many argue that they
edit the preview content to focus on a specific subject or use certain copy, Facebook feels that disingenuous pages use the feature to scam users into clicking on spam links.

If you are one of the many publishers who will be missing this feature, don’t fret: Facebook has introduced a feature called Link Ownership. This allows publisher-run pages to verify that they own the domain they are linking to, and as such, edit their
link previews like before. Non-publisher-run pages, however, will not have this feature.

Our Take

Take action soon. If you operate a publisher-run Facebook page, go through the Link Ownership process before September 12th. If you do not have this option, consult with your website admins about making sure your website has the correct meta tags, so
that your link previews appear how you want them to. To check your tags, visit

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Facebook Begins Global Rollout Of Messenger Ad Program

Media Post | July 20, 2017

Facebook Messenger was one of the last places on the platform that was untouched by ads—until now. Earlier this month, Facebook rolled out Messenger Ads across the globe. Not only will there be ads in both the desktop and mobile versions of Messenger, Facebook
is also offering sponsored messages and click-to-Messenger ads.

Messenger ads can be set up in Facebook’s Ads Manager dashboard.

Our Take

Facebook users often consider their activity on Messenger to be much more personal and private than their activity elsewhere on the platform, so these ads are an opportunity to reach individuals in an environment where the clutter of other ads and posts is minimal.
Due to this mindset of the users, you’ll have to make sure your Messenger ads are adding value to the conversation without being too intrusive.

Stat Campaign of the Week via Ad Week

For their launch of Cookie Layer Crunch bars late last year, Hersey’s utilized different social media tools and techniques to hype up their product. One of these tools were Facebook ads because “you get that reach that you’re seeking, but you can also be hyper targeted
at the same time.”

Hersey’s initially created short-form videos, “teasing” the bars for Facebook users. Then, taking advantage of a social media holiday, they used Facebook Live to introduce the new product on National Cookie Day. Finally, for continuity,
they used elements from the Live broadcast in their later Facebook ads.

This social media-centric approach worked out swimmingly for Hersey’s: “According to Facebook, the [Hershey’s] campaign lifted favorability by 5 points, brand awareness by 11 points and ad recall by 20 points.”

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Published on Jul. 25, 2017, Last Updated on Aug. 01, 2022